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Critical Race Theory

CRT is a theoretical framework from which social workers can explore the implications of race on how we see the world. There is also some criticism regarding CRT and its application in educational settings. For this discussion, we will explore how CRT affects work in a social work setting in education. Here are some ideas for your discussion: 

Find a video, a website or an article explaining CRT and how it can inform social work practice. Evaluate this video, website, or article based on: 

Accuracy of the information presented. 

Ease of understanding the key concepts of CRT. 

Relevance to social work practice. 

Find an article or other media presentation that critiques CRT. Based on the resource you found, answer the following questions: 

What is the author’s critique of CRT? 

  • Does the author offer an alternative theoretical framework? 

How does this critique inform social work practice?

What about this week’s content did you find to be most relevant to your own professional or academic career? (Case manager at Department an Family Children Service) DFCS  

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