Customers Healthy Behaviors and Thinking Discussion Questions


1.Discuss the importance of using the MMPI-2-RF when assessing the   emotional status of a client. Can the MMPI-2-RF be useful in assessing   mental status as well? Why or why not? Provide specific examples to   support your position.

2.What are some strengths and challenges of Beck’s Depression Scale for   assessing emotional status? Do you feel that this scale is a good   method to assess emotional status? Why or why not? Provide specific   examples to support your position.

3.Identify two types of assessments discussed in the textbook, and/or   additional readings. How could the use of technology impact the   administration of these assessments? Do you feel that the   incorporation of technology would be a benefit to administration? Why   or why not? Provide specific examples to support your position.

4.Identify and discuss the standards for the use of technology in the   counseling setting according to your state governing board and the   ACA. What are potential implications for the counselor if these   standards are not followed?

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