Cuyamaca College Default Psychology Discussion “


1)  Watch this one reality as it is..  (Links to an external site.)How do you normally 

2) Why do we not see PEOPLE as who they actually are – but rather as we want to see them?

3)  Use examples from the book to explain Cameron Russell’s talk. Link fixed..  (Links to an external site.)

AttitudeAvailability heuristicExplicit attitudeImplicit Association TestPrimedRepresentativeness heuristic

4) Using what we know from the class – Please go back to Chapter 1 again – use the Vocab from chapter 1 to explain –  Why do be conform?  Why do we follow authority?   Why don’t some of us?

Collective self-esteemGroup cohesionGroup polarizationGroupthinkShared mental modelSocial facilitation

What makes the lone nut??        (Links to an external site.)This leads to (the second video is hard to watch for me so if you are sensitive just read the transcript).   What causes people to be EVIL? (Links to an external site.)

Explanation & Answer:

4 Questions

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