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Intro to Clinical Psychopharmacology
1. A 24-year-old woman began treatment for a major depressive episode 6 months ago. One
month into her treatment she began to experience noticeable symptom improvement, and for
the last 4 months she has been nearly symptom-free. According to the general clinical
consensus, her current state could be classified as a:
Your response:
2. Which class of medication is more dangerous in overdose situations?
a. Tricyclic antidepressants
b. SSRIs
Your response:
3. A 54-year-old man presents to the emergency room with symptoms of hypertensive crisis
after an evening dining out with friends. He is currently taking a monoamine oxidase inhibitor
(MAOI).Which of the following foods should be avoided by patients taking MAOIs?
a. Fresh fish
b. Iced water
c. Aged cheese
d. Romaine lettuce
e. All of these should be avoided
Your response:
4. A 34-year-old patient has only partially responded to his second monotherapy with a firstline antidepressant. Which of the following has the best evidence of efficacy for augmenting
antidepressants in patients with inadequate response?
a. Adding an atypical antipsychotic
b. Adding buspirone
c. Adding diazepam
Your response:
5. This occurs when a person treated with an antidepressant is provoked into a manic episode
as a result of the medication.
a. Activation
b. Switching
c. Reduction
Your response:
6. According to the most recent prescription data, what is the most commonly prescribed SSRI
in the US?
Your response:
7. According to the Moore et al. (2022) reading, the earliest NMDA receptor antagonist to be
tested in humans was _____________ .
Your response:
8. According to the Moore et al. (2022) reading, the three highest ranked patient-reported side
effects of IV-infused ketamine are:
Your response:
9. Esketamine is currently in what phase of study?
a. Phase 1
b. Phase 2
c. Phase 3
d. Phase 4
Your response:
10. Which SSRI has the longest half-life?
Your response:

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