PSY 246 CCU Processes Occurring Over a Persons Lifespan Essay



Find a scholarly, peer reviewed, full-text journal article on any topic pertaining to developmental psychology. CCU library’s online full-text journal article search will be helpful in completing this assignment. You may access the CCU library website by clicking on the Clifton Fowler Library link in the left sidebar for this course.

Your article needs to be peer-reviewed, which means experts in the field have reviewed it to ensure its credibility before its publication. In other words, Psychology Today is not an appropriate source, but the International Journal of Group Psychotherapy is appropriate. On the CCU Library website, you can choose to have results limited to only those that have been peer-reviewed and those that are full-text by selecting these options when searching topics. After selecting the “Articles” yellow tab and searching for your topic, click the “Full Text” and “Peer Reviewed” boxes that appear in the left sidebar of your search results to filter only articles that match this criteria and your selected search topic. Reading only an abstract is not sufficient for this assignment; articles must be full-text.

After reading your selected article in full, write a summary paper. The following should be included in your summary paper:

What was the purpose for this study?

Identification of participant demographics.

For example, was the study made up of 20 college-aged students at a small liberal arts college or 500 participants referred by inpatient psychiatric hospitals?

What were the results of this study?

What other factors should be considered when making conclusions about the results?

Include a biblical perspective on the topic using relevant Scripture to support your viewpoint.

Include in the reference page a link to the journal article for easy access.

Yildirim, G., & Özyilmaz Akamca, G. (2017). The effect of outdoor learning activities on the development of preschool children. South African Journal Of Education, 37(2).


Kail, R. V., & Cavanaugh, J. C. (2019). Human development: A life-span view (8th ed.).

Chapter 1: The Study of Human Development

Chapter 2: Biological Foundations: Heredity, Prenatal Development, and Birth

Chapter 3: Tools for Exploring the World: Physical, Perceptual, and Motor Development (assigned sections only)

  • Section 3.1: The Newborn
  • Saar, M. (2011, November 13). The end of Down syndrome. New York Post.


  • Video: Prenatal Genetic Testing (2:23)
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