PSYCH 660 Ethical Dilemma in Professional Competence Paper


In any practice or research setting, strict application of professional ethical standards plays a vital role and furthers the role of professionalism in psychology.Imagine you have been asked to review a case involving an ethical dilemma at a local agency. Select 1 ethical dilemma scenario related to professional competence:
Scenario 1: Marybeth is working as a psychology intern at a large mental health clinic. Over the weekend, she sees an 18-year-old female who discloses that she has been thinking about suicide for several months. She is not accompanied by either parent and says they do not know anything about her thoughts of self-harm. When asked if she is currently suicidal, she admits she is but requests that Marybeth not share this information with anyone. She further said that Marybeth is “my only lifeline for hope” and wants to work with her on a “strictly confidential basis.”Scenario 2: James is a psychologist who is working with a patient who suffers from long-term depression. The patient is married and owns an antique store in a small midwestern town. James likes antiques and is familiar with the patient’s shop. During a session, he discloses to James that he is getting great benefit from therapy but has suffered financial hardship in his business lately and cannot afford to pay for therapy. The patient requests that they set up a barter system temporarily, such that he would let James pick out any items in his store, which he would sell at wholesale prices, to offset the fees that he is charged for therapy. Scenario 3: Tawana is a psychologist starting work at a nonprofit women’s shelter. This is her first job out of school, and she is excited to make a good impression. She soon discovers that every therapist there has a heavy caseload, and the shelter is understaffed and running low on funds.?Her clinical supervisor is pleased with Tawana’s work. One day, she requested that Tawana “double up” and take on another therapist’s caseload for the next week. She told Tawana that because of reimbursement issues, she should simply enter the session reports in the computer and not sign them so that they would appear to originate from the other therapist. Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word case review for your supervisor based on your selected dilemma. Address the following items:

  • Describe your selected ethical dilemma and why it is a dilemma.
  • Provide an argument for 2 methods of resolving the issue and justify the ethical resolution process you would take under each method.
  • Provide a rationale for why each method should be used, including the importance of ethical guidelines.
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1050 Words

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