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For this exercise, please provide two different ads (photograph, illustration, or video clip), through hyperlinks or attached documents, that differ on one of these dimensions (gender, culture, or time).  That is, share with us ads that illustrate beauty standards either for: 1) men and women within a given culture (one ad featuring a man and another featuring a woman); OR 2) women [or men] of different cultures (one ad from/representing one culture and another ad from/representing a different culture [or subculture]); OR 3) women [or men] during different time periods (e.g., one modern ad and one from the 1950’s; one from the 1970’s and one from the 1870’s, etc.).

Compare and contrast the beauty standards represented by the ads.  Do your ads correspond to the research findings presented in the text?  Why or why not? 

The posting should be at least 150 words in length. Please note that you are not limited to writing only about something you learned that week. Rather, any connections that you are making between your life and this course is fair game, even if it is based on something we discussed, or you read about earlier in the semester. After you post your reflection, you will then be able to see other classmates’ postings. For full credit, you are to read and respond to at least two other student’s posting. Your
response should be at least 50 words in length, meaningful, and substantive. Non- substantive comment might be, “yeah, that’s happened to me to!” with no elaboration.

Post 1

1950 women’s clothing ad: ripley-womens-fashion.jpg

1980s women’s clothing ad: 3134ad34f5241808f9efc3cfdad16cc1.jpg

2023 women’s clothing ad: shot_06_1978_seamless_sculpt_final.jpg.webpF43xhRDWMAA_5NG.jpeg

I chose 3 different women’s clothing ads from 3 different time periods. In the 1950s ad, the beauty standard was smaller, elegant, and formal. In all the ads I looked at for this time period, no woman was wearing something casual like jeans and a T-shirt. They are also not inclusive of minorities or plus-sized individuals and the main theme is modesty. In the 1980s clothing ad, women are more casual and wearing fun colors. Women were having fun with their makeup and outfits, and not held to such a high standard like the women in the 50s. The beauty standards in the 80s were still similar to the 50s because being white and skinny was still the standard. For the modern ad, I chose SKIMS. SKIMS is a clothing and shapewear company founded by one of the most modern celebrities (in my opinion), Kim Kardashian. Her ad campaigns always portray women (and men) in many shapes, sizes, and ethnicities, so I believe it is the best representation of how we have grown as a society. Her ads also show the beauty standards of today because they are more laid back and casual. She does not sell “formal” clothing and only sells loungewear/undergarments, which reflects how our fashion has changed over the years. The modern ad also reflects today’s beauty standards because she does not include only one body type or ethnicity, she includes them all. I do still think today’s society holds a beauty standard to be skinny, but it is not as common or forced as it used to be. I am not “skinny” like today’s beauty standard, but I do not feel out of place like I would if I lived in the 50s. 

I believe the ads relate to the text because the three different time periods represent how “acceptable” our society is for that specific time. In the 50s, it was acceptable to be modest and to always look proper. In the 80s, it was acceptable to have more fun with your outfits and be more casual. In 2023, almost anything is acceptable because people feel as though they have more fashion freedom. I believe it also relates to the text because as a society, we look to others for our beauty standards and what is trending, and we follow along with the trends. 

Post 2

Hello all. I have chosen two pictures of women on the cover of Vogue. The top picture is from 2020; the bottom is from the 1920s. The two pictures differ significantly! For starters, the image from 1920 portrays a drawn woman wearing a long gown with barely any skin showing. The only skin being portrayed is her higher chest and arms. The entire picture screams class and is quite tasteful.

In contrast, the picture from 2020 is of a real woman. The woman is wearing a more revealing outfit. Most of her top is shown, and she wears high-waisted pants and a bra. The picture is still beautiful, nonetheless. However, I noticed that this picture was more sexual than the other.  I believe more individuals are showing their bodies more and wearing tighter-fitting clothing nowadays because it is on trend. The articles of clothing in the other picture were fitting for that time frame as well. The other woman was wearing a floor-length gown with tights. These pictures show how fashion has drastically changed over the years. Nonetheless, both pictures are beautiful and fit the time frame. 



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