UM Psychology Procedures that Align with the CMO R Principle Questions



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1- For the applied learning exercise, select one of the bellow principles:
a) CMO-R
b) CMO-T
2- What are the definition or key attributes of the selected principle?
– Definition/Key attributes-4point
– Citation-1point
3- Based on the reading.
a) Select one of the following procedures that aligns with the selected principle:
. Errorless instruction (in Carbone at al, 2020)
. interspersal instruction (in Carbone et al, 2010)
. Mand training
-Selecting a procedure that does not align with your selected principle will result in 0
points in this session.
b) Describe the procedure in a clear and replicable manner (i.e, other people can look at the
description and implement it correctly). The description must be in your own words (i.e., paraphrase the
description from the textbook ) 4 point
. A verbatim copy of the procedure description from the textbook or from the other student’s
submission will result in 0 point in this session).
c)—Provided a citation-1point
4- Describe how your procedure is aligned with the attributes of your selected principle?
That is, how does your procedure address the MO selected?
5- What are the effects of the procedure on a behavior?
6- Describe an applied behavioral issue that can be address by the procedure, include:
a) A statement on whether the procedure can address behavior deficit (i.e, skill deficit) or
behavior problem (i.e, behavior excess)- refer to assigned reading. 2 point
b) A clear description of a target behavior (refer to the reading) 2point
c) A rationale for selecting behavior (i.e, why addressing this behavior is important) 1point
d) A statement predicting the effects of the procedures on the target behavior( refer to
question 5)- 3point

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6 Questions

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