Annotated Bibliography Writing

Annotated Bibliography Writing

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Annotated Bibliography Writing Tips


The purpose of an annotated bibliography is to help a researcher identify the relevant and quality sources to use in a study. Therefore, the selection of the sources should consider specific parameters guided by the research topic


The information in the bibliography could be descriptive or evaluative.

Descriptive Bibliography

  • Insert the citation details similar to those in the reference list
  • A brief statement explaining the purpose or focus of the work
  • A summary of theory, audience, participants, methods, main arguments, evidence supporting the arguments, and conclusions reached

Evaluative bibliography

The first three steps are similar to those in the descriptive bibliography. However, one may require adding the following.

  • Identify the usefulness and limitations of the source pertinent to the research topic
  • Evaluate the work from a personal perspective to identify how the work fits into the study
  • One may include the level of reading difficulty, author’s bias, and author’s qualifications


  • Arrange the works alphabetically
  • Use single paragraphs for each work
  • Use full sentences
  • Maintain clarity
  • Avoid repetition of information
  • Avoid cross-referencing the works
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