Although this post is short, I’ve spent about three hours trying to write it. I bet the reason is familiar to many of you: getting distracted.

Sometimes I feel like my mind is a battlefield for King Kong and a bunch of tiny tanks and helicopters. Helicopters (goals and tasks) act like “Pew! Pew!” Tanks (interests and hobbies) act like “Boom! Bang!” But King Kong is like, “I wanna PLAAAAY!!” and runs away, seeking fun.

Before I finally forced myself to accomplish today’s amount of work, I’ve spent about an hour on 9GAG, watched a bunch of random YouTube video clips, cleaned up the mess in my room, and chatted with a friend in messenger. Every time I remembered about work, I was like, “Oh, wait, I need to work! Okay, 10 more minutes of fun.”

I guess one of the main tricks for successful and productive work is to know the main things that distract you, and not let your inner King Kong look at them. Or, if it manages to take a glance or two, you have two options: throw all your tanks and helicopters at it (which doesn’t work for me), or promise it a reward if it leaves you for a while, allowing you to work. Mine is the second option.

And what are your main sources of distractions and how do you deal with them?

Being Productive with Writing Distractions
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